skglm is a library that provide better sparse generalized linear model for scikit-learn. Its main features are:

  • speed: problems with millions of features can be solved in seconds. Default solvers rely on efficient coordinate descent with numba just in time compilation.

  • flexibility: virtually any combination of datafit and penalty can be implemented in a few lines of code.

  • sklearn API: all estimators are drop-in replacements for scikit-learn.

  • scope: support for many missing models in scikit-learn - weighted Lasso, arbitrary group penalties, non convex sparse penalties, etc.


If you use this code, please cite

    title={Beyond L1 norm with skglm},
    author={Q. Bertrand and Q. Klopfenstein and P.-A. Bannier and G. Gidel and M. Massias},
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Installing the development version

First clone the repository available at

$ git clone
$ cd skglm/

Then, install the package with:

$ pip install -e .

To check if everything worked fine, you can do:

$ python -c 'import skglm'

and it should not give any error message.