polylearn reference

Factorization Machines

FactorizationMachineClassifier([degree, …]) Factorization machine for classification.
FactorizationMachineRegressor([degree, …]) Factorization machine for regression (with squared loss).

Polynomial Networks

Polynomial networks for regression and classification.

PolynomialNetworkClassifier([degree, loss, …]) Polynomial network for classification.
PolynomialNetworkRegressor([degree, …]) Polynomial network for regression (with squared loss).

Utilities for computing kernels

kernels.anova_kernel(X, P[, degree]) ANOVA kernel between X and P:
kernels.homogeneous_kernel(X, P[, degree]) Convenience alias for homogeneous polynomial kernel between X and P:
kernels.safe_power(X[, degree]) Element-wise power supporting both sparse and dense data.